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Checking Account Acquisition
It's common knowledge among bankers that new checking customers are hard to find. At CORE we have the answer to finding new checking account customers. Our Checking Acquisition programs respond as high as 1% or more. Contact us today for a no-risk overview on how to successfully grow your new checking account numbers.
Our Top Performing Checking Account Acquisition Programs
(as of December 2018)
  • New Mover Checking Acquisition
  • Cross-Sell Checking Acquisition
  • Checking Welcome Program
Program Details

New Mover Checking Acquisition

New movers are the most receptive to new checking account offers but there's a lot more to it than that. CORE has the resources and expertise in creating and delivering successful new mover checking account acquisition campaigns that respond as well as 1%.

Checking Welcome Program

Getting that new checking account is great, but the job's not over yet. Clients who add services such as direct deposit, online banking, billpay and additional deposit accounts are much more likely to stay with your bank. It's less expensive to keep existing clients than acquire new ones. As of December 2018 our Checking Welcome Program can elicit a 5% or more response rate from new checking clients adding products and services to their portfolio.

Cross-Sell Checking Acquisition

Believe it or not, there are customers at your bank that don't have a checking account. Since they already have a relationship with your bank they're much more likely to consider a solid checking offer. Don't miss the oppurtunity to fortify your relationship and get new checking accounts from existing clients very cost effectively. Our Cross-Sell Checking Acquisition Programs respond as high as 4%.

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