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Loan Acquisition
It's a simple fact, loans generate money. Rates are low and consumers are borrowing again. New Home Equity Loans and HELOCs are at the highest rates they've been at in years. The refinance message is out in full-force. Now is the time to acquire new loans for your bank.

We're so confident in our Loan Acquisition strategies that we offer a Pay-Per-Acquisition pricing model where you'll pay only for BOOKED loans.
Our Top Performing Loan Acquisition Programs
(as of December 2018)
  • Refinance Cross-Sell
  • Trigger HELOC / Home Equity Loan Cross-Sell
  • ITA HELOC / Home Equity Loan Cross-Sell
Program Details

Refinance Cross-Sell

The refinance message is out. Consumers are bombarded with it on the news, billboards — even from the President of the United States. Rates are low and homeowners can save significant amount of money each month by refinancing.

CORE's Refinance Cross-Sell program offers your existing clients the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars each month by refinancing their mortgage at today's historically low rates. When properly executed, this program pulls over a 2% response rate in booked refinance loans.

Trigger HELOC / Home Equity Loan Cross-Sell

Home Equity and HELOC rates are low and consumers are once again looking to use the equity in their home as a borrowing tool.

CORE's Proprietary Trigger HELOC / Home Equity Loan Cross-Sell Program targets consumers whose actions have indicated that they have a much higher than average probability of being receptive to a Home Equity offer.

As of December 2018 this program is generating as much as 1.2% response rate in booked loans or lines.

ITA HELOC / Home Equity Loan Cross-Sell

A cost-effective program, CORE's Proprietary ITA HELOC / Home Equity Loan Cross-Sell program relies only on your internal bank data to identify customers with a high propensity to book a home equity loan.

No extra data means no extra cost or setup time. We put our unique ITA selection methodolgy to the test against some of the best performing data models of some of the country's largest banks and consistently outperform them. Contact us to see what we can do for your bank.

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